an ongoing series airing exclusively on The Other Side

You know the drill, your at a party and someone plays a song that one person hates and you just love. Well now its time to put them on the air and see how one person's poison is another's pleasure. If you'd like to send your own submission fo this unique Other Side series just follow the instructions below, we've not yet set a firm date for the next episode, but once we get enough submissions we'll put it on the schedule and let you know when it will air...

click the Cyber Dino below to send an email, include the song name & artist who did it, 30 words or less as to why you chose it, and finally whether or not you want your name mentioned on the air

and if email is a problem just send your request via snail mail to:

The Other Side c/o KVMR, 401 Spring St. Nevada City, CA 95959